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fredag, december 14th, 2018

Why Choose Stellite Alloy 12 from Sytop Manufacturer

Stellite cobalt based alloy chemical fiber / fiberglass cutting blade. Sytop Stellite Alloy Blade with new materials and new technology , There are only several factories know this kind of technology . we can manufacture as you special need or just provide the universal model . It have high heat and corrosion resistance with excellent wear and abrasion resistance

Why choose Cobaltalloy for Stellite Alloy 12 ?

1. We are Integration of Industry and Trade manufacturing Stellite Alloy 3 products,nickel alloy products,silver tungsten products,copper tungsten products,cermet products,carbide products and so on ,Widest product range, Best production capability, Best quality control, Best Service, Competitive price;

2. 100% QC inspection before shipment;

3.Feedback within 24 hours and Good English Communication;

4.Good training export sales can give professional suggestion on product;

5.Customized making according to your drawing papers;

6.Accept trial order and sample order;

7.Accept all payment terms of T/T, L/C, western union, Paypal,Trade Assurance,etc.;

8.Offer free samples under the condition of freight paid by customer;

9.Survey Email of products usage will be sent timely to listen your feedback,our aim is trying to make every customer satisfied and we both sides WIN-WIN!

tirsdag, december 11th, 2018

Stellite Alloy 12 Manufacturer Sytop’s Advantages

The professional Stellite Alloy 12 manufacturer – sytop (the site is with multi-industry and self-supporting import and export rights, cobaltalloy is the professional manufacturers & exporters for stellite alloy in the world.

Stellite alloy is one kind of wear resistance, corrosion and high temperature resistance alloy, according to its application, the stellite alloy products with wear, corrosion and high temperature properties at same time. Stellite alloy products also have outstanding matallurgical and physical properties that are ideally suited to solving these wear problems.

Advantages of Stellite Alloy Manufacturer Sytop

Design Ability

We can help recommend suitable materials based on the using conditions and making cad drawings as required.

Fast Deliver

The product can be finished within 7days at the sonnest


Unique technique to produce Stellite Alloy 3 by pm process.

We stick to the principle of “quality first, service first, continuous improvement and innovation to meet the customers” for the management and “zero defect, zero complaints” as the quality objective, To perfect our service, we provide the products with good quality at the reasonable price. You’re welcome.

torsdag, december 6th, 2018

Three Points to Purchase Cobalt Alloy Welding Wire

Cobalt Alloy welding wire, HS101 high chromium cast iron surfacing wire surfacing layer hardness HEC48-54 Main features and uses; Surfacing layer has good oxidation and cavitation resistance, high hardness and good wear resistance. Used in applications requiring strong wear and oxidation resistance, such as roller shaft bit shaft, coal hole excavator, crusher roller, mixing blade and other surfacing. HS103 high chromium cast iron surfacing wire (including boron). The surfacing layer has excellent anti-oxidation and cavitation resistance, and the hardness is high. The wear resistance is good. HS103 is a high-chromium cast iron welding wire containing boron. The surfacing layer is hard to cut and wear with hard alloy tools stronger.

When purchasing Cobalt Alloy Blade wire, consider the physical properties, mechanical properties and chemical composition of the weldment material:

1. For the welding of structural steels, generally consider the principle of equal strength and select the welding consumables that meet the mechanical properties of the joints.

2. For dissimilar steel welded joints between low carbon steel and low alloy steel, the corresponding welding materials for steels with lower strength grades are generally selected.

3. For the welding of heat-resistant steel and stainless steel, in addition to considering the strength, it is also considered that the main chemical composition of the weld metal is close to the chemical composition of the base metal.

When the chemical constituents of the base metal are high in harmful impurities such as carbon or sulfur or phosphorus, the welding material with strong crack resistance should be selected. Such as low hydrogen type welding consumables.

In China, the most important grades for Stellite Alloy are: Hayness 188, Haynes 25 (L-605), Alloy S-816, UMCo-50, MP-159, FSX-414, X-40, Stellite 6B. Etc., Chinese brands are: GH5188 (GH188), GH159, GH605, K640, DZ40M and so on. Unlike other superalloys, the cobalt alloy is not reinforced by an ordered precipitate phase that is firmly bonded to the matrix, but consists of an austenitic fcc matrix that has been solid solution strengthened and a small amount of carbide distributed in the matrix.

mandag, december 3rd, 2018

Details of Sytop Stellite Alloy Nozzle

Cobaltalloy specialized in making Stellite Alloy and cobaltalloy for many years. We own our technical team and technical support. Any demand on cobalt alloy, we can make and meet to your demand.

Grade Stellite Alloy 6 is most widely used of the wear resistant cobalt-based alloys and exhibits good all-round performance.

It is regarded as the industry standard for general-purpose wear resistance applications , has excellent resistance to many forms of mechanical and chemical degradation over a wide temperature range , also a reasonable level of hardness up to 500, it also has good resistance to impact and cavitation erosion .

PM products and castings of Co-based are applied in the industries as nuclear, petrochemistry, battery , food etc. Regular products include valve balls, seat , bearings , sleeves, pump parts pears , gears , batteries dies , nozzles and cutters .

Our company has and the use of rich design experience in serious condition, a variety of demanding occasions has profound understanding. Based on the field experience the past, we experienced engineering and technical development of creative and selection of personnel, to provide more than rival quality product for you.

Please contact with us, let us know your demand, or let us know what most popular items in your market. We can give you one complete price lists and marketing plan, to help our both sides to win more business opportunity together

fredag, november 30th, 2018

Applications and Features of Sytop Stellite Alloy

Cobaltalloy offers variety of Stellite Alloy 12 products which can meet your multifarious demands. We adhere to the management principles of “quality first, customer first and credit-based” since the establishment of the company and always do our best to satisfy potential needs of our customers.

Application of Sytop Stellite Alloy

Material Choose Typical Application Process
Co 06 Steam and chemical valve seat , oil and gas pump sleeve, ,butterfly valve bushing ,hot-dip galvanized production line used bushing etc. Powder metallurgy & investment casting

Product Features of Sytop Stellite Alloy

1.High temperature resistance

The strength keeps stable up to 800℃ and it can even momentarily used at 1200℃.

2.Wear resistance

Due mainly to the unique inherent characteristics of the hard carbide phase dispersed in a

CoCr alloy matrix, it has exceptional wear and galling resistance.

3.Corrosion resistance

This exellent and lovely property allows this kind of material parts to be used in oil&gas, slurry, acid liquid and any other mediums.

Our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises from all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation since the trend of economic globalization has developed with anirresistible force. Welcome your visit.

mandag, november 19th, 2018

Details and Advantages of Sytop Stellite Alloy 12

Shenyang Top New Material Co., Ltd owns its advantages in the industrial metal materials area. The company specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of investment casting and powder metallurgy components made of Cobalt Alloy, Stellite Alloy 3, Copper Tungsten and metal ceramic. Founded in Year 2001, SYTOP has 15 years producing experience and 8 years exporting experience. Our solid quality and integrity wins us a good name in our customers.

Advantages of Sytop Stellite Alloy 12 Manufacturer:

Powder metallurgy production Cobalt-chromium Alloy products, one of the world’s three suppliers.
Advanced production and testing equipment and professional R & D team.
Rapid production and delivery capacity, the fastest delivery of 3 days.
Strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement, respect for the privacy of customers.
Product variety, producing custom pieces according to customer samples or drawings, no minimum MOQ requirements.

What is the Details of sytop stellite alloy 12 ?

Material Stellite Alloy –Grade Co12
Process Powder Metallurgy , it is short for PM
Hardness 44-49HRC
Density 8.5g/cm ³
Size Triangle , rectangle and profiled ,

customized-made is also available

Properties Wear and corrosion resistance
Application Stellite Alloy is also more resistant to the abrasive acids found in some woods like red cedar.
Instructions The Stellite Alloy Tipped saws, have a tip welded directly to the saw tooth
Usage Welding on Circular saw and Band saws teeth to cut woods
Tolerance control Surface polishing and tolerance ±0.003”/±0.005” (±0.0762/±0.127mm )
Production lead time Samples 7 days , normal order 10-25 days
Production capacity 1000,000pcs one month.
Package 1000pcs in 1 plastic bag and put in 1 plastic keg

Good service is the source of good products. In pursuing excellent quality, sytop stellite alloy concentrates more on customer-oriented perfect service. Welcome your visit.